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<dt style="font-weight: bold">-D</dt> <dt><b>-D</b></dt>
Line 24: Line 24:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">flow</dt> <dt><b>flow</b></dt>
Line 26: Line 26:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">pager</dt> <dt><b>pager</b></dt>
Line 29: Line 29:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">tab</dt> <dt><b>tab</b></dt>
Line 31: Line 31:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">table</dt> <dt><b>table</b></dt>
Line 37: Line 37:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">-v</dt> <dt><b>-o&nbsp;</b><i>setting</i><b>=</b><i>value</i></dt>
<dd>Overrides the configuration <i>setting</i> from <i>/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf</i> and from the
userdb with the given <i>value</i>. In order to override multiple settings, the <b>-o</b> option
may be specified multiple times.</dd>
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<p style="font-weight: bold">doveadm reload</p> <p><b>doveadm reload</b></p>
Line 46: Line 50:
<p style="font-weight: bold">doveadm stop</p> <p><b>doveadm stop</b></p>
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<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm director</dt> <dt><b>doveadm config</b></dt>
<dd><b>doveadm-config</b>(1), Dump Dovecot configuration.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm director</b></dt>
Line 54: Line 60:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm kick</dt> <dt><b>doveadm exec</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Exec">doveadm-exec</a></b>(1), Easily execute commands from
Dovecot&#39;s libexec_dir.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm instance</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Instance">doveadm-instance</a></b>(1), Manage the list of running
Dovecot instances.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm kick</b></dt>
Line 57: Line 69:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm log</dt> <dt><b>doveadm log</b></dt>
Line 60: Line 72:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm penalty</dt> <dt><b>doveadm penalty</b></dt>
Line 62: Line 74:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm who</dt> <dt><b>doveadm proxy</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Proxy">doveadm-proxy</a></b>(1), Handle Dovecot proxy
<dt><b>doveadm who</b></dt>
Line 69: Line 84:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm auth</dt> <dt><b>doveadm auth</b></dt>
Line 71: Line 86:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm pw</dt> <dt><b>doveadm pw</b></dt>
Line 74: Line 89:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm user</dt> <dt><b>doveadm user</b></dt>
Line 81: Line 96:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm altmove</dt> <dt><b>doveadm acl</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/ACL">doveadm-acl</a></b>(1), Manage Access Control List (ACL).</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm altmove</b></dt>
Line 84: Line 101:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm dump</dt> <dt><b>doveadm backup</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Sync">doveadm-backup</a></b>(1), Dovecot&#39;s one-way mailbox
synchronization utility.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm batch</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Batch">doveadm-batch</a></b>(1), Execute multiple commands for
multiple users.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm copy</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Move">doveadm-copy</a></b>(1), Copy messages matching the given
search query into another mailbox.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm deduplicate</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Deduplicate">doveadm-deduplicate</a></b>(1), Expunge duplicate
<dt><b>doveadm dump</b></dt>
Line 87: Line 116:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm expunge</dt> <dt><b>doveadm expunge</b></dt>
Line 90: Line 119:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm fetch</dt> <dt><b>doveadm fetch</b></dt>
Line 93: Line 122:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm force-resync</dt>
<dd><b><a href="/ToolsDoveadm/ForceResync">doveadm-force-resync</a></b>(1), Repair broken
<dt><b>doveadm flags</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Flags">doveadm-flags</a></b>(1), Add, remove or replace
messages&#39; flags.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm force-resync</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/ForceResync">doveadm-force-resync</a></b>(1), Repair broken
Line 96: Line 128:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm mailbox</dt> <dt><b>doveadm fs</b></dt>
<dd><b>doveadm-fs</b>(1), Interact with the abstract mail storage filesystem.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm fts</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/FTS">doveadm-fts</a></b>(1), Manipulate the Full Text Search (FTS)
<dt><b>doveadm import</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Import">doveadm-import</a></b>(1), Import messages matching given
search query.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm index</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Index">doveadm-index</a></b>(1), Index messages in a given
<dt><b>doveadm mailbox</b></dt>
Line 99: Line 142:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm purge</dt> <dt><b>doveadm mailbox cryptokey</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Mailbox/Cryptokey">doveadm-mailbox-cryptokey</a></b>(1), Mail crypt
plugin management.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm move</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Move">doveadm-move</a></b>(1) Move messages matching the given
search query into another mailbox.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm purge</b></dt>
Line 102: Line 151:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm quota</dt> <dt><b>doveadm quota</b></dt>
Line 105: Line 154:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">doveadm search</dt> <dt><b>doveadm rebuild</b></dt>
<dd><b>doveadm-rebuild</b>(1), Rebuild index metadata from message data.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm replicator</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Replicator">doveadm-replicator</a></b>(1), Manage users&#39; mail
<dt><b>doveadm save</b></dt>
<dd><b>doveadm-save</b>(1), Save email to users&#39; mailboxes.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm search</b></dt>
Line 108: Line 164:
<dt><b>doveadm stats</b></dt>
<dd><b>doveadm-stats</b>(1), Inspect or reset stats.</dd>
<dt><b>doveadm sync</b></dt>
<dd><b><a href="/Tools/Doveadm/Sync">doveadm-sync</a></b>(1), Dovecot&#39;s two-way mailbox
synchronization utility.</dd>
Line 113: Line 174:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">0</dt> <dt><b>0</b></dt>
Line 115: Line 176:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">1</dt>
<dd>(doveadm &lt;nothing&gt; || userdb lookup no perms)</dd>
<dt style="font-weight: bold">89</dt>
Line 123: Line 182:
<dt style="font-weight: bold">USER</dt> <dt><b>USER</b></dt>
Line 129: Line 188:
<dt style="font-style: italic">/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf</dt> <dt><i>/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf</i></dt>
Line 131: Line 190:
<dt style="font-style: italic">/etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf</dt> <dt><i>/etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-mail.conf</i></dt>
Line 133: Line 192:
<dt style="font-style: italic">/etc/dovecot/conf.d/90-plugin.conf</dt> <dt><i>/etc/dovecot/conf.d/90-plugin.conf</i></dt>
Line 139: Line 198:
"/Tools/Dsync">dsync</a></b>(1), <b><a href=
"/Tools/Doveadm/Search/Query">doveadm-search-query</a></b>(7) }}}
"/Tools/Doveadm/SearchQuery">doveadm-search-query</a></b>(7) &lt;_io.StringIO object at



doveadm - Dovecot's administration utility


doveadm [-Dv] [-f formatter] command [command_options] [command_arguments]


doveadm is the Dovecot administration tool. It can be used to manage various parts of Dovecot, as well as access users' mailboxes.
Execute doveadm help, for a command usage listing.


Global doveadm(1) options:

Enables verbosity and debug messages.
-f formatter
Specifies the formatter for formatting the output. Supported formatters are:
prints each line with key=value pairs.
prints each keyvalue pair on its own line and separates records with form feed character (^L).
prints a table header followed by tab separated value lines.
prints a table header followed by adjusted value lines.
-o setting=value
Overrides the configuration setting from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and from the userdb with the given value. In order to override multiple settings, the -o option may be specified multiple times.
Enables verbosity, including progress counter.


These commands work directly with Dovecot's master process.


doveadm reload

Force dovecot(1) to reload the configuration.


doveadm stop

Stop dovecot(1) and all its child processes.

Additional Master Commands

doveadm config
doveadm-config(1), Dump Dovecot configuration.
doveadm director
doveadm-director(1), Manage Dovecot directors (if used by proxy servers).
doveadm exec
doveadm-exec(1), Easily execute commands from Dovecot's libexec_dir.
doveadm instance
doveadm-instance(1), Manage the list of running Dovecot instances.
doveadm kick
doveadm-kick(1), Disconnect users by user name and/or IP address.
doveadm log
doveadm-log(1), Locate, test or reopen Dovecot's log files.
doveadm penalty
doveadm-penalty(1), Show current penalties.
doveadm proxy
doveadm-proxy(1), Handle Dovecot proxy connections.
doveadm who
doveadm-who(1); Show who is logged in to the Dovecot server.

Authentication Commands

doveadm auth
doveadm-auth(1), Test authentication for a user.
doveadm pw
doveadm-pw(1), Dovecot's password hash generator.
doveadm user
doveadm-user(1), Perform a user lookup in Dovecot's userdbs

Mailbox Commands

doveadm acl
doveadm-acl(1), Manage Access Control List (ACL).
doveadm altmove
doveadm-altmove(1), Move matching mails to the alternative storage.
doveadm backup
doveadm-backup(1), Dovecot's one-way mailbox synchronization utility.
doveadm batch
doveadm-batch(1), Execute multiple commands for multiple users.
doveadm copy
doveadm-copy(1), Copy messages matching the given search query into another mailbox.
doveadm deduplicate
doveadm-deduplicate(1), Expunge duplicate messages.
doveadm dump
doveadm-dump(1), Dump the content of Dovecot's binary mailbox index/log.
doveadm expunge
doveadm-expunge(1), Expunge messages matching given search query.
doveadm fetch
doveadm-fetch(1), Fetch messages matching given search query.
doveadm flags
doveadm-flags(1), Add, remove or replace messages' flags.
doveadm force-resync
doveadm-force-resync(1), Repair broken mailboxes, in case Dovecot doesn't automatically do that.
doveadm fs
doveadm-fs(1), Interact with the abstract mail storage filesystem.
doveadm fts
doveadm-fts(1), Manipulate the Full Text Search (FTS) index.
doveadm import
doveadm-import(1), Import messages matching given search query.
doveadm index
doveadm-index(1), Index messages in a given mailbox.
doveadm mailbox
doveadm-mailbox(1), Various commands related to handling mailboxes.
doveadm mailbox cryptokey
doveadm-mailbox-cryptokey(1), Mail crypt plugin management.
doveadm move
doveadm-move(1) Move messages matching the given search query into another mailbox.
doveadm purge
doveadm-purge(1) Remove messages with refcount=0 from mdbox files.
doveadm quota
doveadm-quota(1), Initialize/recalculate or show current quota usage.
doveadm rebuild
doveadm-rebuild(1), Rebuild index metadata from message data.
doveadm replicator
doveadm-replicator(1), Manage users' mail replication.
doveadm save
doveadm-save(1), Save email to users' mailboxes.
doveadm search
doveadm-search(1), Show a list of mailbox GUIDs and message UIDs matching given search query.
doveadm stats
doveadm-stats(1), Inspect or reset stats.
doveadm sync
doveadm-sync(1), Dovecot's two-way mailbox synchronization utility.

Exit Status

doveadm will exit with one of the following values:

Selected command was executed successful.
Command failed in some way.


This environment variable is used to determine the user if a command accepts a user but none was specified.


Dovecot's main configuration file.
Mailbox locations and namespaces.
Plugin specific settings.

See Also

doveadm-help(1), doveconf(1), dovecot(1), doveadm-search-query(7) <_io.StringIO object at 0x7f07544a6e58>


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