This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.



doveadm-who - Show who is logged in to the Dovecot server


doveadm [-Dv] [-f formatter] who [-1] [-f passdb_field] [-a anvil_socket_path] [user_mask] [ip[/bits]]


The who command is used to show which users from which hosts are currently connected to which service.


Global doveadm(1) options:

Enables verbosity and debug messages.
-f formatter
Specifies the formatter for formatting the output. Supported formatters are:
prints each line with key=value pairs.
prints each keyvalue pair on its own line and separates records with form feed character (^L).
prints a table header followed by tab separated value lines.
prints a table header followed by adjusted value lines.
-o setting=value
Overrides the configuration setting from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and from the userdb with the given value. In order to override multiple settings, the -o option may be specified multiple times.
Enables verbosity, including progress counter.

This command uses by default the output formatter table.

Command specific options:

Print one line per user and connection. Otherwise the connections are grouped by the username.
-a anvil_socket_path
This option is used to specify an alternative socket. The option's argument is either an absolute path to a local UNIX domain socket, or a hostname and port (hostname:port), in order to connect a remote host via a TCP socket.

By default doveadm(1) will use the socket /var/run/dovecot/anvil. The socket may be located in another directory, when the default base_dir setting was overridden in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf.

-f passdb_field
Alternative username field to use for kicking, as returned by passdb. Only the passdb fields beginning with the user_ prefix are tracked.


Specify an ip address or network range, in CIDR notation, to reduce the result to matching connections.
List only users whose login name matches the user_mask, or the altenative username (user_* field) if the -f parameter is used. It's also possible to use wildcards in the user name.


Show authenticated sessions, filtered by the client's IP address.

doveadm who ::1
username                       # proto (pids)        (ips)
jane                           2 imap  (30155 30412) (::1)
doveadm who
username                        # proto (pids)  (ips)                1 imap  (30257) (

Show authenticated sessions, filtered by username.

doveadm who pvo
username         # proto (pids)                    (ips)
pvo              1 sieve (30343)                   (fd95:4eed:38ba::25)
pvo              4 imap  (25693 25686 25679 25669) (fd95:4eed:38ba::25)
doveadm who ja*
username                    # proto (pids)        (ips)
james                       1 imap  (30091)       (
jane                        2 imap  (30155 30412) (::1)

See Also

doveadm(1), doveadm-kick(1)


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