This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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To enable / disable plugins per user use the ''userdb'' and return the attribute '''mail_plugins''', see


Distributed with Dovecot:

  • [:Quota:quota]: Quota tracking and enforcing

  • imap_quota: IMAP commands to for requesting current quota
  • [:ACL:acl]: Access Control Lists for mailboxes

  • [:Plugins/Convert:convert]: Convert user's mailboxes from one format to another on login

  • [:Plugins/Trash:trash]: Delete mails from Trash when user would go over quota

  • [:Plugins/Lazyexpunge:lazy_expunge]: Make EXPUNGE and DELETE commands just rename the mails elsewhere

  • [:Plugins/Expire:expire]: Delete mails from specified folders after designated number of days

  • [:Plugins/ZLib:zlib]: Access gziped mboxes

  • [:Plugins/Mail_log:mail_log]: Log activities in the mailbox


To enable / disable plugins per user use the userdb and return the attribute mail_plugins, see [].

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