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== References ==

 * Redesign plans:


Introduced with Dovecot 1.0a4. The point is to have a high performance mail store combining all the best qualities of other mailbox formats. Some behavior can't be universally accepted as optimal, so dbox allows sysadmin to configure those:

  • One mail per file, or multiple mails per file? If multiple,
    • How large each file can grow? This is a tradeoff between read and expunge performance.
    • How old files do we still append new mails to? Helps with incremental backups.
  • How often should changed mail metadata (flags and keywords) be written to dbox files, instead of only in Dovecot's index files? This is a tradeoff between reliability and performance.

dbox format isn't finished yet, so it should only be used for testing purposes.


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