This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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[[VirtualUsers|Virtual users]] with [[AuthDatabase/PasswdFile|passwd-files]]:
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[:VirtualUsers:Virtual users]:  * [[HowTo/SimpleVirtualInstall|A simple virtual passwd file installation]]
 * [[HowTo/VirtualhostingWithExim|Virtual passwd file and Exim]]
 * [[HowTo/VirtualUserFlatFilesPostfix|Virtual passwd file and Postfix]]
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 * [:DovecotOpenLdap:OpenLDAP]
  * [:DoveLdapCheatSheet:Cheat sheet]
 * [ Postfix, OpenLDAP and Jamm] (for Dovecot v0.99.x, settings incompatible with v1.0)
 * [:DovecotPostgresql:PostgreSQL and Postfix]
 * VirtualhostingWithExim
 * [ MySQL, Postfix and CCC]
 * [:DovecotLDAPostfixAdminMySQL:Dovecot, Postfix with Dovecot LDA transport and Dovecot SASL Auth, Postfix Admin, MySQL and SquirrelMail]
 * [ MySQL, Exim, SpamAssassin and ClamAV]
[[VirtualUsers|Virtual users]] with [[AuthDatabase/LDAP|LDAP]]:

 * [[HowTo/DovecotOpenLdap|OpenLDAP]] ([[HowTo/DoveLdapCheatSheet|Cheat sheet]])
 * [[|Postfix and Active Directory or OpenLDAP]]

[[SystemUsers|System users]] and/or [[VirtualUsers|Virtual users]] with [[AuthDatabase/LDAP|LDAP]]:
 * [[|Dovecot, ManageSieve, Exim, OpenLDAP and getmail]] (Instructions in German) - LDAP users (can be both [[SystemUsers|System users]] and [[VirtualUsers|Virtual users]] depending on how you use [[AuthDatabase/LDAP|LDAP]]) with the possibility to add subaccounts for each user. For example if you have a LDAP user named peter, you can add a separate subordinate mailbox to retrieve mail from an external mail account like peter[at]

[[VirtualUsers|Virtual users]] with [[AuthDatabase/SQL|SQL]]:

 * MySQL * [[|Samba LDAP PDC / Mail / DNS / DHCP server]], using Debian, Samba, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Dovecot, Bind, Horde (fully integrated with Ingo for Sieve scripts management) and MDS as administration interface (in Spanish)
  * [[HowTo/DovecotXAMS|Using Dovecot with XAMS]]
  * [[HowTo/DovecotLDAPostfixAdminMySQL|Dovecot, Postfix with Dovecot LDA transport and Dovecot SASL Auth, Postfix Admin, MySQL and SquirrelMail]]
  * [[|MySQL, Postfix and CCC]]
  * [[|MySQL, Exim, SpamAssassin and ClamAV]]
  * [[|Postfix and Dovecot with MySQL and TLS/SSL, Postgrey and DSPAM]]
  * [[|ISP-style Email Server with Debian-Etch and Postfix (MySQL, Dovecot, Postfix etc.)]]
 * PostgreSQL
  * [[HowTo/DovecotPostgresql|PostgreSQL and Postfix]]
  * [[|Mailserver virtual configuration (Postfix, Dovecot, SMTP Auth, PostgreSQL backend) German]]
  * [[|PostgreSQL, Postfix (Dovecot LDA and Dovecot SASL), Dovecot and vmm (command line tool)]] (also available in [[|German]])
 * SQLite
  * [[|Postfix+Dovecot with SQLite3 backend]] (also implements system users)
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 * [:DebianStable:Default Debian stable setup with Exim, modified to use Maildir]
 * [:ImapProxy:IMAP and POP3 session proxying]
 * [:CRAM-MD5:CRAM-MD5 authentication HOWTO]
 * [:Rootless:Rootless installation]
 * [:PopBSMTPAndDovecot:POP-before-SMTP]
  * [:PopRelay:Pop Relay Compatibility]
  * [[HowTo/PostfixAndDovecotSASL|With Postfix]]
  * [[HowTo/EximAndDovecotSASL|With Exim]]
 * [[HowTo/DebianStable|Default Debian stable setup with Exim, modified to use Maildir]]
 * [[HowTo/ImapcProxy|IMAPC: Configuring Dovecot as an IMAP Proxy in front of Exchange (Dovecot >= 2.1)]]
 * [[HowTo/CRAM-MD5|CRAM-MD5 authentication HOWTO]]
 * [[HowTo/Rootless|Rootless installation]]
 * [[HowTo/PopBSMTPAndDovecot|POP-before-SMTP]]
  * [[HowTo/PopRelay|Pop Relay Compatibility]]
 * [[HowTo/RefilterMail|Refiltering mail]]
 * [[HowTo/BynariConnector|Outlook calendar sharing using Bynari Connector (commercial software) with dovecot ]]
 * [[HowTo/Fail2Ban|Using fail2ban with Dovecot]]
 * [[HowTo/VMailMgr|VMailMgr with Dovecot]]
 * [[HowTo/ActiveDirectoryNtlm|NTLM authentication against Active Directory]]
 * [[HowTo/PostfixDovecotLMTP|Postfix and Dovecot LMTP]]
 * [[|Apple Discussion Forum: Mail Services in Mac OS X Server v10.6 Snow Leopard]]
 * [[HowTo/Virtual+Postfix+Dspam+Dovecot|Postfix + Dspam + Dovecot via LTMP]]
 * [[|Postfix + Dovecot2.0.13 + MySQL virtual_users as proxy to DBMail]]

HOWTOs / Examples / Tutorials

Virtual users with passwd-files:

Virtual users with LDAP:

System users and/or Virtual users with LDAP:

Virtual users with SQL:


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