This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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= Welcome to the Dovecot Wiki =
 * Back to '''[[|Dovecot homepage]]'''
 * QuickConfiguration for people in hurry
 * [[WhyDoesItNotWork|Why doesn't Dovecot work?]]

= Dovecot Wiki Contents =

= Generic information about mail servers =
 * [[MailServerOverview|Overview of how everything works together]]
 * Mail protocols: [[|IMAP]], [[|POP3]] and [[|SMTP]]
 * [[MDA|Mail delivery agents and Sieve]]
 * [[MailboxFormat|Mailbox formats]]
  * [[IndexFiles|Dovecot's index files]]
 * [[Authentication|User authentication]]
  * [[Sasl|SASL]]

= Dovecot installation =
It's a good idea to start with a simple Dovecot installation to see that everything works. After that you can start changing things one at a time, so if you run into trouble you know immediately where the problem is.

If you're in a hurry and you already know enough about mail servers, QuickConfiguration may be more helpful to you instead.

 1. Installing
  * [[CompilingSource|Compiling from sources]]
  * [[PrebuiltBinaries|Installing prebuilt binaries]]
 1. [[FindMailLocation|Checking where mail is delivered to]]
 1. [[BasicConfiguration|Configuring Dovecot]]
 1. [[RunningDovecot|Running Dovecot]]
 1. [[Logging]]
 1. [[TestInstallation|Testing that everything works]]
  * [[TestPop3Installation|Testing POP3 installation]]
 1. [[FinishBasicConfiguration|Finishing the test installation]]

= Dovecot configuration =
 * Starting guidelines
  * [[SystemUsers|System users]]
  * [[VirtualUsers|Virtual users]]
  * [[UserIds|System users used by Dovecot]]
 * [[Authentication|Authentication configuration]]
  * [[PasswordDatabase|Password databases]]
  * [[UserDatabase|User databases]]
  * [[Authentication/MultipleDatabases|Multiple authentication databases]]
  * [[Authentication/Kerberos|Kerberos]]
  * [[Authentication/RestrictAccess|Restricting users' access]]
  * [[PasswordDatabase/ExtraFields|Special authentication features]]
   * [[PasswordDatabase/ExtraFields/Proxy|IMAP/POP3/LMTP Proxying]]
  * [[Authentication/MasterUsers|Master users]]
  * [[Authentication/Caching|Caching]]
 * [[MailLocation|Mailbox location configuration]]
  * [[MailLocation/LocalDisk|Mails stored in local disk]]
  * [[MailLocation/SharedDisk|Mails stored in shared filesystem]] ([[NFS]], clustered FS).
   * [[Director]] for easily proxying same user to same server to avoid caching problems.
  * [[MailLocation/Maildir|Maildir configuration]]
  * [[MailLocation/Mbox|Mbox configuration]]
  * [[Namespaces]]
  * [[SharedMailboxes|Shared mailboxes]]
 * [[MailboxSettings|Mailbox settings]]
 * [[Services|Service settings]]
  * [[LoginProcess|Login processes and their settings]]
 * [[SSL]] settings and certificate creation
 * [[Plugins]]
  * [[Quota]]
  * [[ACL|Access Control Lists]] (ACLs)
 * [[POP3Server|Dovecot as a POP3 server]]
 * [[LDA]] (Local Delivery Agent) and [[LMTP]]
 * [[Pigeonhole/Sieve|Sieve]] and [[Pigeonhole/ManageSieve|ManageSieve]]
 * [[PostLoginScripting|Post-login scripting]]

= HOWTOs, examples and tutorials =
 * [[HowTo|HOWTOs, examples and tutorials]] for different installations
 * [[DovecotServerInstallations|Existing Dovecot installations]]

= Migration from existing systems =
 * [[Migration|From other IMAP/POP3 servers]]
  * [[MissingMailboxes|My mailboxes are lost after migrating to Dovecot!]]
 * [[Upgrading|Upgrading Dovecot to a new version]]
 * [[Migration/MailFormat|Converting between mailbox formats]] (mbox <-> Maildir, etc.)

= Troubleshooting =
 * [[WhyDoesItNotWork|Why doesn't Dovecot work?]]
 * [[Logging|Finding the error message from logs]]
 * [[Debugging/Authentication|Debugging authentication]]
 * [[Debugging/ProcessTracing|Process tracing]] is useful when Dovecot seems slow or hangs completely
 * [[Debugging/Rawlog|Rawlog]] can be used to log post-login IMAP/POP3 traffic
 * [[MboxProblems|mbox errors and crashes]]
 * [[Clients|Client issues and configuration]]
  * [[Clients/NegativeUIDs|Negative UIDs / message sets]]
  * [[Debugging/Thunderbird|Debugging using Thunderbird's logging]]
 * [[TimeMovedBackwards|Time moved backwards]] error
 * [[DomainLost|%d expands to empty string]]
 * [[PreAuth|pre-authenticated sessions]]
 * [[|Sending bug reports]], debugging crashes and sniffing network traffic

= Tuning =
 * [[PerformanceTuning|Performance tuning]]
 * [[SecurityTuning|Security tuning]]
  * [[Chrooting]]

= Reference =
 * [[Design|Dovecot's design]]
 * [[Clients|Client issues and configuration]]

= Misc =
 * [[Tools|Dovecot Tools and Utilities]]
 * [[CoreFeatures|Current features and roadmap]] / [[DovecotFeatures|another features page]] (These need to be merged somehow)
 * [[Testimonials]]
 * OrphanedPages (that are not linked to by other pages)
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My name: Lillie Coppola
My age: 45
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ZIP code: 6677
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