This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.
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 * [wiki:ProcMail Using procmail to route mail into boxes]




  • Installing binaries

  • Configuration Files

  • [wiki:BasicInstall Basic Installation]

  • [wiki:Authentication Understanding user authentication]
    • [wiki:UserIds System user IDs used by Dovecot]

    • [wiki:VirtualUsers Virtual user configuration]

    • [wiki:MultipleAuth Multiple authentication databases]

    • [wiki:Sasl SASL explained]
    • [wiki:AuthSpecials Special authentication features]

      • IMAP login referrals
      • IMAP and POP3 proxying
  • [wiki:MailLocation Mail location]

    • [wiki:Namespaces Namespaces]
    • [wiki:SharedFolders Shared Folders]

  • [wiki:Rootless Rootless installation]
  • [wiki:PopBSMTPAndDovecot POP-before-SMTP]



  • [wiki:Migration Migration to Dovecot from existing POP / IMAP server]
  • [wiki:MissingMailboxes My mailboxes are lost after migrating to Dovecot!]

  • [wiki:UpgradingDovecot Upgrading from Dovecot 0.99.x to 1.0]


Odds and Ends

  • [wiki:Iptables Listening on Additional Ports] using IP Tables


Features / Status

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