This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.

Why doesn't Dovecot work?

It says "Authentication failed"

First of all enable auth_debug_passwords=yes and see if the logs show what the problem is. For non-PAM setups it should contain all the information needed to solve the problem. If it's trying to use a wrong password scheme, you can change that. See Authentication/PasswordSchemes.

Aborted login (no auth attempts) means that the client isn't even attempting to log in. Most likely you have disable_plaintext_auth=yes (default) and the client isn't configured to use SSL/TLS (or you've also set ssl=no).

If you're using PAM:

It's not finding my emails

mail_debug=yes makes Dovecot log where it's really looking for mails. Also auth_debug=yes may be helpful in debugging. See MailLocation for how to configure where the mails are looked up from.

Authenticated SMTP is hanging when authenticating, when configured with dovecot authenticator

It is possible that you SMTP daemon is configured with the wrong socket. Please note that /run/dovecot/auth-client and /run/dovecot/auth-userdb do respond do different protocols. They are however very similar and it is possible that the difference may not be reported as an error and the SMTP server is waiting for a response that will never come.

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