This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.


The purpose of this deleted_to_trash-plugin is that IMAP client,such as outlook doesn't work well with dovecot, it can not copy deleted email to Trash folder automatically. So, this plugin is to copy deleted item to Trash folder. Also, need to tell the difference between "move" and "delete" action on Outlook side, since both action deleted_to_trash marks the original email as deleted. for a "move" case, we don't copy to the trash folder.

Compatible dovecot version

1.1.x (plugin version <=0.3)

1.2.x (plugin version <=0.3)

2.0.x (plugin version =0.4)

2.1.x (plugin version >=0.5)


*14-09-2009 (by Lex Brugman <lex dot brugman at gmail dot com>): Revised the plugin to make it work with 1.2.x, tested with 1.2.4 (plugin version 0.1).

*24-10-2009 (by Lex Brugman <lex dot brugman at gmail dot com>): The plugin now always uses the Trash folder in the inbox namespace instead of the current namespace. Created an ebuild for Gentoo users. (plugin version 0.2).

*20-03-2010 (by Lex Brugman <lex dot brugman at gmail dot com>): Fixed an issue when deleting more than 2000 messages. The Trash folder name is now configurable in the dovecot.conf file. (plugin version 0.3).

*17-02-2011 (by Emerson Pinter): ported version 0.3 to Dovecot 2 (tested with 2.0.9) (plugin version 0.4)

*02-10-2012 (by Emerson Pinter): ported version 0.4 to Dovecot 2.1 (plugin version 0.5)


The sourcecode and installation documentation is available on GitHub:

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