This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x, see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.

Migrating from any IMAP/POP3 server to Dovecot via dsync

You need Dovecot v2.1.4+ for this.

This page describes how to migrate mails to Dovecot from a remote IMAP/POP3 server, preserving the IMAP UIDs, POP3 UIDLs and everything else.

We'll assume that you can log in with master user "master" that has a password "secret". If you can't use master users, you'll need the users' plaintext passwords and change the appropriate configuration to use them.

IMAP migration configuration

Set up configuration for the IMAP server you wish to migrate from:

imapc_host =
imapc_user = %u
imapc_master_user = master
imapc_password = secret
imapc_features = rfc822.size
# If you have Dovecot v2.2.8+ you may get a significant performance improvement with fetch-headers:
imapc_features = $imapc_features fetch-headers
# Read multiple mails in parallel, improves performance
mail_prefetch_count = 20

# If the old IMAP server uses INBOX. namespace prefix, set:
#imapc_list_prefix = INBOX

# for SSL:
#imapc_port = 993
#imapc_ssl = imaps
#imapc_ssl_ca_dir = /etc/ssl
#imapc_ssl_verify = yes

POP3 migration configuration

Set up configuration for the POP3 server you wish to migrate from:

pop3c_host =
pop3c_user = %u
pop3c_master_user = master
pop3c_password = secret

# for SSL:
#pop3c_port = 995
#pop3c_ssl = pop3s
#pop3c_ssl_ca_dir = /etc/ssl
#pop3c_ssl_verify = yes

namespace {
  prefix = POP3-MIGRATION-NS/
  location = pop3c:
  list = no
  hidden = yes
protocol doveadm {
  mail_plugins = $mail_plugins pop3_migration
plugin {
  pop3_migration_mailbox = POP3-MIGRATION-NS/INBOX

The pop3-migration plugin is used to preserve POP3 UIDLs. When dsync is handling IMAP INBOX and requests a POP3 UIDL, the plugin connects to the POP3 server and figures out which IMAP messages match which POP3 messages and then returns the appropriate POP3 UIDL.


Make sure destination is exactly as source, deleting/reverting any changes in destination if necessary:

doveadm -o mail_fsync=never backup -R -u user@domain imapc:

or incremental one-way merge (it's ok to do changes on both sides):

doveadm -o mail_fsync=never sync -1 -R -u user@domain imapc:

(Fsyncing is disabled just for migration efficiency.)

For per-user user/passwords use:

doveadm -o imapc_user=foo -o pop3c_user=foo -o imapc_password=bar -o pop3c_password=bar backup -R -u user@domain imapc:

Once the users are migrated, remember to remove the pop3_migration plugin from settings.


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